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what size wheels for 7 75 deck

Witch size wheels should I get with my 7.75 deck? | Yahoo Answers

for wheels it depends on what you want to skate for example if you skate only park you might want a 52mm - 54mm wheel to get over that coping easily but if you are skating street i suggest a 52mm - 50mm wheel its all up to preference basically if you still cant make up your mind go with a 52mm its a decent all-round size. as for trucks you want it to suit the with of your deck so i think a ...

What Size Skateboard Wheels Do You Need ? - SkateAdvisors

Mostly wheels’ diameter is measured in millimeters. The size ranges from 50 to 75 mm. Here is a list of conditions for the different diameters and when they are suitable for you: Wheels with the diameter ranging from 50-53mm are ideal for accomplishing stunts on skate parks and bowls. Mid-range diameters are measured from 54-59mm.

Trucks and Wheel Size? | BOARDWORLD Forums | Australia's ...

Hey I’m planning on ordering a 7.75 Folklore deck today and I might buy some new wheels. My plan was to transfer my old trucks and bearings onto it. My old board is a 7.5 Blind deck what size wheels should I get for my new deck? Also would my trucks I have on my 7.5 be alright to put on the 7.75? Shoes are size 11 US. Cheers

Buying a skateboard. If im getting a 7.75 deck size should i ...

Im buying an enjoi deck 7.75 and i am not sure if i should get a truck that is size 7.75 too. If i do get 7.75 are they gonna stick out if im looking from the top of the board?

How to Choose a Skateboard & Skateboard Size Chart | evo

Truck size is determined by the width in inches of the axle (shown in the diagram above). Ideal truck size (axle width) is the width from one edge of your board to the other. The majority of trucks are produced to be suitable for most 7.5” to 9” + deck widths. Truck Heights

Skateboard Size Chart: Deck Truck & Wheel Size Guide | Tactics

If you’re wanting to use your skateboard for transportation we recommend softer wheels (78a – 85a) Skateboards under 9" wide can utilize all styles of grip tape while board over 9" wide will need grip tape in the 10"+ range. If you’re getting wheels bigger than 55mm we recommend getting riser pads to avoid getting wheel bite.

Skateboard Truck and Deck Width Size Chart | Tactics

7.75 / 7.8: 7.6 - 8.0: 8.0: 7.75 - 8.25 ... You want to match your skate truck width as close as you can to your deck width usually within a .25" range for standard ...

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