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can i use composite decking as a sleeper subfloor

How to Install a Rain Barrier Under a Deck | Home Guides | SF ...

Rigid rain barrier deck products include panels that attach to metal rails or wooden sleepers fastened to the bottom of the upper deck’s joists. These rails or sleepers run perpendicular to the ...

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composite decking isn't really a composite its just recycled plastic with a wrapping. Nice stuff but a lot heavier than wood. Starboard is great stuff but the postage would be a killer. Personally stained and sealed wood works the best as it doesn't affect the drainage to the bilge and it can be removed.

How to Lay Sleeper Joists on an Uneven Floor | eHow

The sleeper joists follow the same arrangement and spacing as the main home joists located under the subfloor. However because the subfloor may have dips or depressions you have to level out the sleeper joists before attaching them. You do this by using wood shims to create a perfectly level surface across the top of the entire joist system.

Using sleepers to level a floor | The Floor Pro Community

I don't understand the necessity of installing a sleeper system on top of an existing wood subfloor system. Cut the subfloor panels out sister 2x6 joists to your existing joists (only make these level) then lay 5/8" or better T&G subfloor panels over that. If you do it right your height increase should be no more than 2¼".

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UltraDeck ® decking boards can only be installed over a solid surface when using a sleeper system to buffer between the solid surface and the decking. Water must be able to flow through and away from the deck while maintaining an adequate airflow to the underside of the boards.

Common Questions and Answers | FastenMaster

Stainless steel screws should be used in the entire deck where it is near the ocean or a source of salt where composite or PVC deck boards are supported by sleepers and where air circulation beneath the deck board is poor. Stainless steel screws are recommended when attaching composite or PVC decking over a single piece of wood.

installing composite decking on a sleeper system

installing composite deck using sleepers Installing composite decking on a sleeper system. Installing composite deck using sleepers can i use composite decking as a sleeper subfloor . Get answers ...

Install a Composite Deck Over Concrete |

Step #1: Set up a Sleeper System. To install a composite deck over concrete you’re going to need a sleeper system. A sleeper system is a substructure made up of joists that sits on the surface of the concrete below the decking. The space between the concrete and the decking material is essential because it allows for air circulation and ...

Tips for Installing Composite Decking |

A sleeper system is a substructure comprised of joints that sit between a solid surface such as concrete and the actual deck. Sleeper systems promote air circulation and water drainage — which in turn protects capped composite or capped deck boards from excessive moisture — and prevent buildup of snow sleet or ice. Rooftop decks

3 Tips for Building a Deck Over Concrete |

Take note of these deck-building basics before you get started. Gap like a pro. Proper gapping is necessary for water drainage and expansion and contraction and also allows for shrinkage associated with wood joist systems. Consider using Seven Trust Hideaway® Hidden Fasteners which create proper gapping when used with our grooved-edge boards. Pre ...

Using Shims to Level the Deck Surface | Decks.com

Using Shims to Level the Deck Surface Because most deck frames are not perfectly level you may need to make some adjustments to create the appearance of an even deck surface. Because the size of joists can vary from board-to-board you may want to install wood shims to raise the position of decking over low joists.

Sleeper System For Decking Over Concrete

If you must have a deck over it to use masonry screws or .....>> how to attach composite decking to concrete How to Attach Composite Decking to Concrete. ... composite decking over ... I used 1 1/2 sleeper system and attached the 5 ... composit decking over a concrete .....>> composite decking for subfloor sleeper

composite decking for subfloor sleeper

composite decking for subfloor sleeper. Rank Id Site Title Collection Time Website Introduction; 54150: composite decking spiral staircase treads: 2020-09-27 ...

composite decking for subfloor sleeper

Use face fasteners (not hidden fasteners) to attach the deck boards to the sleepers. This allows you to remove and/or replace deck boards (any decking material can be damaged) or if access under the deck becomes necessary. Color-matched deck screws are available for most colors of composite decking. 【Get Price】

DekTek Tile Sleeper Installation Method | DekTekTile ...

Sleeper System Installation Brochures PDF This installation method works well when joists are not 16"o.c. or if it's a new construction deck or a deck remodel where there aren't any height restrictions. On the sleeper system installation method you lay 2x4s flat & install them perpendicular (the opposite way) across the joists.

What Size Plywood Do I Use for a Subfloor? | Home Guides | SF ...

The subfloor is the decking installed on top of flooring joists; the finished floor is then installed on top of the subfloor. The thickness of plywood panels in a subfloor is regulated by the ...

How to Build a Ground Level Deck | Decks.com

On a 16 by 20 deck can the post be spaced 8 ft. For width and 7'6" for length using 4 by 4 post. Max M - 12/2/2016 10:50:29 PM - reply. Show 1 Replies. spacing of posts depends on the material size of the joists . mark b - 9/22/2017 2:54:44 PM - reply. Your site is very educational except when you use a term such as "sleeper" with no explanation :

Install a Ground-level deck over a concrete patio

Use face fasteners (not hidden fasteners) to attach the deck boards to the sleepers. This allows you to remove and/or replace deck boards (any decking material can be damaged) or if access under the deck becomes necessary. Color-matched deck screws are available for most colors of composite decking.

Decking Installation - Complete Guide! (DIY) | Family ...

So if you’re in the planning stages for a new deck consider alternatives to wood and check out some composite deck designs. You can build yourself a low-maintenance deck using the same tools and similar techniques as you would a wood deck. And most parts of a deck are now available in composite material.

Sleepers And Decking Over EPDM - Decks & Fencing - Contractor ...

I won't be attaching the sleepers to the roof deck. There will be a ledger of sorts against the house and a rim board/fascia on the outside. The sleepers will be tapered as I sloped the roof deck 1/4" per foot. I'll use PT. It seems like the consensus is that the tape should go on the deck surface not the sleepers?

How-to install a wood subfloor over concrete | RONA

Measure the combined thickness of the subfloor (sleepers and wood panels) and finished floorcovering. 2.3 - 2.3. With a saw or oscillating tool cut door casings and jambs to 1/16" above the level of where the finished floor will be.


surfaces. Static electricity can build up on occupants walking across any composite decking surface including then produce a small static shock if they touch a grounded metal surface such as railing door etc. This condition can be decreased greatly with the use of a product call ACL Staticide®. Two products tested were General Purpose ...

can composite decking be laid directly on the ground

Ground Level Deck - Decks.com › Home › How-To If the bottom of your deck frame is less than 6" above the ground or partially buried Many composite manufacturers require ventilation below their decking products Some builders build ground level decks directly on top of existing concrete patios using sleepers. You can lay 2x6 sleepers on top ...

can i glue composite decks to concrete

Frequently Asked Questions - Veranda Composite DeckingVeranda composite decking products can be stored in the same way you would Glue is a supplemental adhesive and should never replace fasteners especially in joists over the concrete and then fasten the decking to the support joists. composite wood decking over concrete - YouTubeJan 1 ...

How To Build A Deck - Build A Deck With Liquid Nails

Here are four commonly overlooked deck components and how construction adhesives make them better. 1. Stairs Apply 1/4-inch continuous line (bead) of LIQUID NAILS ® Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive (LN-902) to the framing/stringers before nailing and screwing in the steps. 2. Composite Lumber Skirting Baseboards and Fascia Boards

Can Composite Decking Be Installed Over Concrete? | Superdeck

Make sure you use a drill-bit that is slightly smaller than the fasteners you’ll be using to create the most stable substructure possible. Attach the sleepers. Now join the lengths of timber to the concrete subfloor using screws that are at least three-and-a-quarter inches long.

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio (DIY)

But with spacers water can run under the sleepers. Spacers allow for longer decking screws. We wanted to use Cortex screws which come with cover plugs made from the same material as the decking. They're easy to use and almost invisible. But they're 2-3/4 in. long; that's too long to sink into our decking if we use sleepers only.

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